Customer Relationship Management

Build stronger ties with your customers and save time

The Develop and Promote CRM allows you to keep on top of your clients details, storing them in a secure system that allows instant access at any time. Never will you lose a phone number or an important email address as all this information will be stored in the CRM database.

Using the web based CRM allows you to run streamline operations within your business and drops the time spent having to organise and root through files to find the information you need. Each customer can be input into the online CRM alongside their details and even comments to add extra information about their favourite type of drink, for example.



Sales for a business are your life blood. Usually we are good at our trade or service but when it comes to sales and marketing we tend to shy away from it. This is the area that most businesses need help with. It does not have to be difficult. The first step to getting your sales and marketing working effectively is to document it. If you are typical of most small businesses you have grown organically and most of the knowledge is in one or two peoples head. This...

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Get a free demo of a time saving system

Are you still not sure what benefits you will get from a customer relationship management system (CRM)? Why not have a play in the demo CRM? The demo has had workflows designs around common business sales processes. Your CRM can be customised to fit your sales processes.

If you have never used a CRM before or just don't fancy getting hands on then why not watch the video below? The video takes you through the common functions of adding a lead,...

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It has been designed to be easily understandable and relevant to everyone, with no need for extensive & costly training! It works seamlessly and transparently with existing systems, empowers people and teams to be productive, and promotes informed decision-making. With effective support from us, you can implement your CRM quickly and let it grow with your business into the future.


Your CRM saves your organization valuable time and optimises sales...

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