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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s basically a flexible, easy to use system which enables you to keep all your communications with leads and customers in one place, helping you to more effectively build lasting and mutually successful relationships.

The best customer service is at the core of any business and can make the difference between surviving and thriving. Retaining satisfied customers effectively and profitably has never been more important. Online CRM tools can deliver the customer satisfaction that builds businesses.

Are you looking for a solution that can help accomplish these objectives?

  • Tracking customer activity with all company touch points, sales, delivery, and service
  • Tracking sales and marketing activities for better results and lower costs
  • Providing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to sales and service people in real time
  • Delivering access to customer ordering and payment information
  • Analyzing customer relationships and identifying highest-value customers.
    Effectively targeting customers with offers that match their history and purchasing potential
  • Monitoring sales activities to measure and improve sales effectiveness
  • Giving service teams the ability to provide superior customer service

Here it is!

With a web based CRM system, you can give everyone on your team the information and tools they need to convert a customer encounter into an opportunity for building a stronger, more satisfying, more profitable relationship. In addition, you can monitor and measure sales, marketing, and service activities that impact customers. By:

  • Measuring all sales activities within your customer pipeline to identify strong performers or effective sales processesAssisting coordination between sales and marketing teams by tracking marketing efforts and linking customer response to specific campaigns or messages
  • Centralising records of all customer service activity so that representatives can resolve problems quickly and maintain customer satisfaction
  • Giving contact centre teams rapid access to customer history, preferences, and offers or discounts targeted to specific customer needs

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