Hi, I'm Darren a small business owner who currently runs six successful businesses and still has time for my children at the weekend. The one question I'm often asked is how have I done this?

Like most business owners, when I started out, I found that my time quickly disappeared into 80 hour weeks working in the business and not having any time for the family. As you'd expect this lead to health problems. Unfortunately you feel very trapped, the family are telling you to cut down, your business is pulling you to push harder and of course somewhere in the middle something snaps.

Whilst I was sitting in hospital waiting to be seen by a heart specialist because of my chest pains, that was a big wake up call as I was only 36. This realisation of my life flashing by me really hit me very hard. I had to do something now so I searched around for a solution. I came across the usual time management courses etc which I've done unsuccessfully.

Then it dawned upon me I needed a system something that would handle all the information that I try to store my brain, something that would allow me to sleep well at night and spend time with family. I couldn't afford people so systems is the only answer. I stumbled across something called a CRM, a customer relationship management system. This gave me the power to download the knowledge out of my head, to plan the processes I should work to that I knew but haven't documented and to make it visible for anyone to come in and help me with in the business. This web-based system keeps track of my customers when they e-mail me, I e-mail them, when I send out invoices and also keep all their contact details in one place.

This revelation was enormous in my life probably saving my marriage and the relationship with my children. The extra 20 or 30 hours per week that I've saved has allowed me to plan the business better and grow it so that I can use Virtual salespeople that record everything in the system and I can keep track of it. As my team has grown further I can now record their time sheets, allocate them against projects to charge out time.

I can now currently run six successful businesses at various stages all because of my discovery of this system. If you feel like this you really need to come and have a chat with us, we can talk you through how it will benefit you. Find out the frustrations in your business that it can alleviate. For a very small monthly subscription we can support with training and if you do not save time or improve your business we guarantee that will refund the full cost of your system.

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