How much to improve your sales conversions?


You can have an improved sales system in place within hours from the standard set up and install. From £49.99 per month plus vat. This is only beneficial if you have a clear set of sales and marketing processes in your business. Most businesses prefer an expert to spend time analysing their business and create some process flows. This is then translated into the CRM so that your business flows perfectly. This can vary from business to business.

These prices are a guide as all our installs and set ups are bespoke.

To the
Set-upFrom £750£1999£3999Call
Monthly Support
and Hosting
Personal DomainXXXX
User Accounts1-34-89-20Call
SupportEmail, Chat, Ticket SystemEmail, Chat, PhoneEmail, Chat, PhoneEmail, Chat, Phone
Customer Module XXX
Invoice ModuleXXXX
Project Management
Timesheets Module XXX
Asset Management
Trouble Ticket


Process Analysis

You can have one of our business systems experts work with your business and analyse how it should carry out your sales/marketing and business process. This will give you a good understanding of how it currently runs and give you suggestions on how it could run smoother. The aim is to systemise the business but still keep your personallity. The aim is to have detailed process flows about your sales process that can be created in your web based CRM. The investment for this is invaluable to most business owners to save time and money. It can vary vastly from business to business. Have a chat with our consultants before making this step forward to see if it is right for your business.


From experience we have found that most businesses like a phased implementation. Usually starting with the core Customer Relationship Managment before moving into invoicing, project management or support ticket managment.

Training and Support

You will receive full training on how to use the CRM for your business processes. You are just a phone call away from our support team who use the CRM in their day to day jobs. Most of the team know how to make changes to the Customer Relationship Management system to make it much more efficient for you.