This includes the initial creation and setting up of your CRM, as well as setting up any email and modules included in the package. Also included in this price is the training you receive on using the CRM. The cost of this is £1999.

Monthly Support and Hosting

The cost for hosting the CRM and for providing support is £69.99 a month.

Personal Domain

This package comes with the option for a personalised domain name for the CRM, such as CRM.Your Company Name.CO.UK. We will also include a free SSL certificate to secure your data.

User Accounts

This package comes with up to 8 individual user accounts for accessing the CRM.


We will provide support for the CRM via email, chat and telephone.


This package comes with 800MB of storage space available, allowing you to store documents and other files.


The bandwidth limit for using the CRM is 16GB a month.

Customer Module

The Customer Module allows you to keep track of all the information about your customers, such as their address, phone numbers and email. This module ties in with the other modules that are available, this means that the Customer Module also provides a central area to access all the information about a customer, such as what communication you've had with them, what invoces have been sent to them, and any trouble tickets they have raised.


Webmail allows you to access email through the CRM, and ties in with other modules on the CRM, such as the Customer Module, so that emails sent through webmail are linked to the customer information. This provides easier tracking of communications between you and your customers, all done automatically.

Invoice Module

The Invoice Module lets you generate invoices for your customers through the CRM. This will then be tied in with other modules, such as linking invoices to the appropriate customer in the Customer Module.

Timesheets Module

The Timesheet Module allows your employees to enter information about how long they have been spending on different projects each day, and can provide a good overview of how long specific projects really take.

Trouble Ticket Module

The Trouble Ticket Module is included in this package, so you can operate your own in-company trouble ticket system. Customers can then raise trouble tickets when they have a problem, those trouble tickets can be tracked and updated easily, and the cutomer will receive automatic notification when the trouble ticket is completed.

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